Turner Syndrome - my story

I was born in a hospitl in malmoe sweden and I was diagnosed  with turner syndrome already as a baby i was born with a heart condition for which i underwent surgery at the age of three and luckily all went well and i recovered quickly. When i was five years old i Started taking  growth hormones and i remained on them untill i was sixteen, after that i started on an estrogen treatment ... in the middle of all this ( at the age of eleven) i underwent another surgery to cover up a bald spot on my head fifteen times ten centimeter large. i also had regular check-ups on the treatment with the growth hormones which ment that i was in the hospital for twentyfour hours during which the drew blood every hour ... they ended up with about seventy of the tubes of blood... by the end of those twentyfour hours i was exhausted. Anyway i got used to the hospital and even learned the nurses names :D. once i had started the estrogen treatment and was a little older (nineteen) i was sent to stockholm for yet another surgery where they were going to see if maybe they could frees some of the eggs in my ovaries but as i awoke from the surgery i got to hear thet the doctors had not found my ovaries at all and that my chances of having children were down to none ... i knew from a very young age thet chances were slim but to hear this was a real reality check...  today i am a happy healthy 27-year-old woman who is working on getting my masters degree in psychology, so my story is one of overcomeing obsticles and growing from adversity... thats what i really want people to know and thats also why i want to spred the word about turner syndromePhotobucket

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Kommentera gärna mina inlägg, ni underbara, men se till att inte skriva saker som kan såra eller spamma eller göra reklam ;)
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